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Credit Reporting

We take great pride of being one of the very few management companies in the Chicago area that offer Credit Reporting with Experian.

How this benefits you:
Finally the monthly payments you pay towards rent MEAN something for your future. Take a second and think of all the places you have lived before Becovic Management Group and how much you have actually paid to them through the years with nothing to show for it. With Becovic Management Group, you not only have a chance to improve your credit score, it may be the last place you rent before buying a place of your own. For College students, it’s a great chance to establish or increase your credit before graduation. Becovic Management Group’s number one goal is not just making sure you are comfortable and secure in your luxury apartment – it’s also building and protecting for a much brighter future when you are ready to leave.

How It Works
When you first sign your lease or renew with us, it will set up a trade line or line of credit on your credit report showing the monthly payment amount and a record of month’s rent paid on time or delinquent. For a more detailed example of how it reports, please see the link for Credit Reporting-101 located in Quick Links.